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What awaits beyond the shadows?
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comission chibi pixel icon : ace by HuatayFoxyP.Com: Tora Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-Dragoness

My potatoes<3

Chibi Com - BlazingStarO by NeonStryker
comission chibi pixel icon : jewel by HuatayFoxycomission chibi pixel icon : larkena steele by HuatayFoxycomission pixel animated : diablo valentine by HuatayFoxycomission for kayeile by HuatayFoxycomission chibi pixel icon :electra by HuatayFoxycomission pixel animated : kayeil by HuatayFoxycomission animated pixel icon : carlos by HuatayFoxy

Zee Amigos [Ayayayyaaaaa]


To-do list

CHIBI! Oswald by BlazingStarO

Art Status

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I will not be taking commissions again after this set has been finished! Commissions will not be opened for a very long time (if not ever) due to my inability to complete them quickly.

Commission list:

(Empty) = not started, and not yet paid/ requested
:star-empty: = Additional item- not requested/ paid
:bulletwhite:= not started
:bulletblue:= started
:star-half:= Finished, but not yet posted
:star:= Finished and posted! (Link will be supplied to the commissioner and will be placed here until the whole list is cleared.)

:bulletblue:- Jewel-Shapeshifter Two-character single avatar-
Seraphina and Jewel Button - Paid by happy-gurl
-- :star: Custom adoptable
-- Colored character sketch of Knight (Unpaid, but I'm not gonna charge because reasons <3)

:bulletblue:- stylishGamer Four singular BLINK! chibis

:bulletwhite:- RakkiAnkh - Three single-character avatars-
Ajay-… (Looking really excited)
Rakki-- (Making a dorky smile)
and Fleetway Super Sonic--… (with a worried expression).
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- MasterSaruwatari -Two-character Colored sketch with shading-
Contessa… as Panty
and Madonna… as Stocking
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- The-Scarf-Husky - Colored sketch with shading-
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- CarlostheBat36 Free commission request as a gift of thanks-
Carlos and Fortune having a Darth Vader moment (has given enough for a dozen orders :heart:)
Button - Paid by happy-gurl


Up-coming Comics by my friends!

PC is not bricked +Springtime Hiatus

Sat Mar 21, 2015, 12:52 AM
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Various STH:ATS soundtracks
  • Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Watching: Your neighbor
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Pizza and brownies 8D
  • Drinking: Water for my headache X'D
So it was apparently trying to run updates after I put it to sleep? Yeah, no, I didn't approve any updating whatsoever, but it supposedly got stuck because I had a program installation window open when putting the darn thing into sleep mode. This PC in particular won't let me install diddly squat unless my dad types in his password, so it's not like I had a choice. Maybe I did? Who knows, I'm too tired to think about it honestly. X'D

Well, the only good news is that my PC is not dead and functioning normally. Ol' poopscreen here isn't pushing daisies yet! Thank you for your assistance and suggestions in my previous journal. ;u; :heart:  I truly appreciate it!

Also, I'm giving you all a heads up. I may be going on a short break from internet activity. This is the final stretch for me, the last semester of my High School days, and it's not looking too hot right now. I've got a couple of F's in key courses I need to finish if I'm to have enough credits to graduate. I've already got my robe, hat, and tassle; it sits on my desk beside my bed, and I see it every day. Just sitting there in gleaming white, begging to be released from its plastic cover and be worn on a day to celebrate. I don't want that thing to wait an entire year before I use it, so I'll need to set aside all of my distractions to have more time in my day to work on my 8+ classes. Thankfully, nearly all of my classes are at passing grades, but I need to get the low ones up on par with the rest. My mother is heavily fixated on those two F's and won't stop nagging me about them, dear lord. For as long as I have those F's, I have no life according to her, so I gotta tighten the focus sash on my head and get crunching.

I apologize for any inactivity in these upcoming months. I will try to visit every here and there to reply to comments and things, perhaps post a poll or two to show life. After Spring Break, I will most likely become silent. 

Thank you for reading!
-Tessa Wind

A Devious ID

Oh gOD by Agent-Arizona

✥●~"Keep moving forward, no matter what!"~●✥

The name's Tessa- Tessa Wind! I'm just a humble comic artist looking to get my art out there into the world for everyone to enjoy. I profess in my own unique anthropomorphic character style, along with various other styles that I can do. I'm currently trying to create my own drawing style for humans, which are surprisingly hard to draw.
I'm a fan of many things, yes. As you can see from popping into my gallery over there, I'm mainly a huge Ratchet & Clank, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and --finally-- Kingdom Hearts fan.
Welp! That's all! Feel free to strike a chat with me in the comments below- I don't bite!

My Comics

CHIBI! Blaze by BlazingStarO CHIBI! Sylvur of Legends! by BlazingStarO

Chibi Com - BlazingStarO by NeonStryker

My three little rules


Mar 31, 2015
7:49 pm
Mar 31, 2015
7:43 pm
Mar 31, 2015
1:32 pm
Mar 31, 2015
5:47 am
Mar 30, 2015
7:38 pm


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