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What awaits beyond the shadows?
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comission chibi pixel icon : ace by pimpilaP.Com: Tora Chibi Pixel Doll by Libra-Dragoness

My potatoes<3

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Save The Chili Dogs! by Chronic-Shadow

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HEADS UP! Emergency here!… Please help! 

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Yo !!
Thu Nov 13, 2014, 11:32 PM
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Sat Oct 25, 2014, 10:20 PM
Tue Jun 24, 2014, 6:33 PM
Don't tell them I said this but ducks are evil D:
Mon Jun 23, 2014, 5:27 PM
Hot diggity damn! Look at that webcam!
Sun May 25, 2014, 12:31 PM
Don't you mean "swog"?
Wed May 7, 2014, 8:14 PM
Hehhehe sweg
Wed May 7, 2014, 5:27 PM
Sun Apr 27, 2014, 11:58 PM

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 5:45 PM

BlazingStarO | ♀ | Hobbyist ☆

Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

  • Mood:  Worried
  • Listening to: PM:TTYD VGS extended
  • Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Watching: Many, many things
  • Playing: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • Eating: Really good homemade goodness
  • Drinking: Peach soda

This lovable butt

Thank you so much for making this journal skin for me! gfdhgkdfjshgkdfh Guys, isn't it gorgeous?
Vane here is absolutely awesome at making these skins! You really ought to head over there and commission one sometime!

Vane, again, thank you for your hard work. I will repay you in any way you wish.
I owe you one!

If you haven't already, please look at this journal and spread it around!
Emergency Commissions!I'm not even kidding right now, guys. I'm trying to scrounge up as much money as possible because my family is at serious risk of losing our home and everything we have. Even if you don't have money to buy a commission, maybe help spread the word? I'll draw until my hand falls off if I have to, I just want to do everything in my power to keep us afloat and not lose everything.
I'll keep options to pay through points as well as paypal, just anything helps and I'll be so grateful for the support you don't even know ; ;
Full colour w/ complex background   Points 4000 // $50.00
Full colour w/ simple background Points 2800 // $35.00 (Points 800 // $10.00 for each additional character)
A clean sketch Points 1200 // $15.00 (

Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
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Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
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  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: PM:TTYD VGS extended
  • Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Watching: People ene
  • Playing: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • Eating: SAMMICH
  • Drinking: Chai tea
Heya guys! Tessa here!
First off, I'd like to let you all know that I got a Flight Rising account! If you're on there, feel free to add me and say hello to my dragons, Consilium and Aesha! I'm working to get some more, bur for now I'm just raking in the treasure via the awesome games there. <3 
   My Flight Rising account username is BlazingStarO. I'd love to add you to my friends list! :dummy:
I've had a fascination with dragons ever since I was a little kid, thanks to a certain spunky purple dragon and his sparkly companion. I've seen some artists draw their dragons and rave about this thing called Flight Rising, so I simply had to dig into it more. I discovered their official dA group here, and I've been following it ever since. They just closed for members this morning. I'm glad I managed to sneak my account in yesterday, since Mondays are incredibly busy for me since we have guests come over. I have to clean the house, hide the remaining Halloween candy, and make sure nothing delicate is out and begging to be knocked over. Plus, homework. XDD BLEH.

   Anyway, on to the NEWS! :dummy:

So, the holiday season is nigh! You probably figured that from all of the holiday commercials, jingles, and various songs with those sleigh bells a-ringin'. You know what that also means?

This holiday season, I bring to you something extra special...

Not only will I be doing my pal's Secret Santa event, I'll also be partaking in many holiday events in the various RP groups that I attend at to start off my efforts to be more active, so expect lots of RP group related stuff soon!
Anyways, that's not the only cool thing that's going on this winter break.

This holiday season, DarknessUprising and ObscuredStarlight are opening for members!

Get your apps ready folks! The adventure begins soon!
ObscuredStarlight is still getting the key blogs up, but we'll have them all up very soon over the coming weeks, so watch the group for updates! The News blog will be the last journal up, marking the end of the blog posting until we reach Super Group status.
Please donate to :iconobscuredstarline: to help DUOS upgrade to super status!

Speaking of adventure, there's another RP group in town that's already open for members! Dearest watchers and readers, I give you :iconwarrior-cross-avatar:!
This ingenious combo between Erin Hunter's Warrior series and the beloved, epic television show Avatar is amazing! Cats who can bend the elements to protect their clans from other clans, rogues, and various strange animals that (I presume) inhabit the Avatar world.

There are four clans for you to freely choose from:
& Airclan

Each of the clans bend their respective element, but your cat doesn't have to be a bender if you choose. Cats are perfectly capable of defending themselves without the need of elemental awesomeness, right?
You can also have as many cat characters as you like! No limits to the creative bounds of character creation.

Psssssst-- My cat, Blazingsun, is deputy of Fireclan. Choose Fireclan! -I mean --wat?

However, there has been a small problem. The founder wishes to shut down this amazing group due to lack of members and activity. I can relate to this with my old group Serenitii-Falls, which I promptly shut down due to the lack of interest by... anyone. Doesn't anyone appreciate the original anymore, eh?

I'll do what I can to help get this group off the ground and soaring in the skies, but right now, I need your help!
If you're a Avatar fan or Warrior cat fan, then this is just the place for you! Both franchises are easy concepts to grasp, but if you feel confused, please ask us about it! We'll help you the best way we can; fret not, Warrior-Cross-Avatar's staff is rather friendly! Plus, I'll be there to help. <3

 Please save the group by joining and being active! Don't let this wonderful place be erased for good!

Please spread the word about this group! If you find an avatar group or warriors group that we're not affiliated with, please share it with us! I'll get down to advertising there. <3

About me!

Oh gOD by Agent-Arizona

✥●~"Life is one journey which should be lived freely without regrets nor restrictions."~●✥

The name's Tessa- Tessa Wind! I'm just a humble comic artist looking to get my art out there into the world for everyone to enjoy. I profess in my own unique anthropomorphic character style, along with various other styles that I can do. I'm currently trying to create my own drawing style for humans, which are surprisingly hard to draw.
I'm a fan of many things, yes. As you can see from popping into my gallery over there, I'm mainly a huge Ratchet & Clank, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda fan.
Welp! That's all! Feel free to strike a chat with me in the comments below- I don't bite!

My three little rules

My Comics

CHIBI! Blaze by BlazingStarO CHIBI! Sylvur of Legends! by BlazingStarO

To-do list

CHIBI! Oswald by BlazingStarO

Art Status

Hold Comms by Enjoumou Closed PComms by Enjoumou FO Requests by Enjoumou
FO Gifts by Enjoumou Ask Trades by Enjoumou Ask Collabs by Enjoumou
No Kiribans by Enjoumou No ACEOS by Enjoumou
FO Roleplays by Enjoumou

Commission list:

(Empty) = not started, and not yet paid/ requested
:star-empty: = Additional item- not requested/ paid
:bulletwhite:= not started
:bulletblue:= started
:star-half:= Finished, but not yet posted
:star:= Finished and posted! (Link will be supplied to the commissioner and will be placed here until the whole list is cleared.)

:star:- Omikuu Single character sketch-
Project Isis :star:

:bulletblue:- Jewel-Shapeshifter Two-character single avatar-
Seraphina and Jewel Button - Paid by happy-gurl
-- :star: Custom adoptable
-- Colored character sketch of Knight (Unpaid, but I'm not gonna charge because reasons <3)

:bulletblue:- stylishGamer Four singular BLINK! chibis

:bulletwhite:- speedytheneedlemouse Two-character sketch-
A surprise! :dummy: Possibly in anthro style
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- Dingo-Sniper Colored sketch-
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- Dustyfootwarrior - Three single-character avatars-
Clairitia Tracy… (with a joking smile)
Reetta Tracy… (with a neutral expression)
and Fleetway Super Sonic… (with a worried expression).
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- MasterSaruwatari -Two-character Colored sketch with shading-
Contessa… as Panty
and Madonna… as Stocking
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- The-Scarf-Husky - Colored sketch with shading-
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

:bulletwhite:- CarlostheBat36 Free commission request as a gift of thanks-
Carlos and Fortune having a Darth Vader moment (has given enough for a dozen orders :heart:)
Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Featured Groups & PLZ icons!

CHIBI! Ceilia by BlazingStarOCHIBI! Asone by BlazingStarO


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CHIBI! Oliver by BlazingStarO


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