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November 17, 2013
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PKMN-Amie APP: Zane by BlazingStarO PKMN-Amie APP: Zane by BlazingStarO

Edit 2: 9:00pm-[11/25/13] At long last! I have finally created a decent enough design! Say hellooooo to the new human Zane! Ain't he purdy? Say, the third time really is the charm! -Wait a second, isn't this my fourth attempt? ... Oh bother.
:bulletblue:Added new details to his personality.
:bulletblue:Added a bit to his history.
:bulletblue:Updated extras.
:bulletblue:Tweaked moves and residential areas.


Pokémon: Zoroark
Nickname: Zane
Gender: Male
Birthdate: April 11th
Current Age: 25
Orientation: Straight
Faction: Gang Ursa

Father: Zangoose- Aleno; current whereabouts are unknown 
Mother: Zoroark- Leana; current whereabouts are unknown
Siblings: -None

Romantic Partner: -None
Offspring: -None


-Pokémon Stats-

Current Level: 44
Nature: Mild/Jolly
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown
Ability: Illusion
  • Night Slash ~The user slashes the target the instant an opportunity arises. -Zane goes all ninja, quickly quipping the target with his clawed fist then dodging back a distance. In human form, this is usually a sucker punch of some sorts.
  • Counter (Egg) ~A retaliation move that counters any physical attack, inflicting double the damage taken. -Zane endures the foe's attack for a moment, then retaliates it with a swift punch.
  • Foul Play ~The user turns the target's power against it. -Zane redirects the target's move or fist back at them, usually hitting them in the face.
  • Agility ~The user relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. -By using this move, Zane activates ultimate ninja mode. Actually, he's just faster. He uses this if he's in a rush to get to, or at work.

Battle Stats: 
Attack: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty:
Defense: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Speed: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star-half:
Sp. Attack:  :star: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty:
Sp. Defense: :star: :star: :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty:
  • Zane isn't very strong, but is light on his feet and sure to strike first in a battle. He has great special attack, which is ironic due to the fact that his moveset consists of mostly physical attacks, rendering that strength useless.

Residence: Deep woodlands near Lumiose City/ apartment ; Gang Ursa's area in Pokémon Village

-PokéHuman Stats-

Zane works at a small café doing various tasks, but mostly tending the register. He also does an occasional magic show in the café at night, using his illusion ability for tricks. It usually ends up becoming a comedy skit.

Town of Residence: A two-bedroom apartment in Lumiose City

Standing at about 5'8, this fair-skinned young adult has semi-short black hair standing upward at his forehead, its dark-brown locks streaked with crimson red. Laid loosely atop his shoulders and grey-brown shirt is a blue jacket with a fuzzy black collar to resemble the black fuzzy chest his original form bares. Holding his dark brown-grey pants (about a size or two too large) in place is a blue belt, adorned with a small buckle. 
Zane wears a pair of size seven (in men's) classic red chucks, which are really the only pair of shoes he has. Do to a slight malfunction in his dittech, his human ears are shaped more angular, giving him an elvish appearance. He melded his human appearance to bare a resemblance to his former trainer and lifelong friend in attempt to look like a possible brother to him. Because of his hair being cut short, he wears his ponytail ring as a bracelet in human form, and an armband in regular form.



In a nutshell: Zane is a perky fella who gives a warm, friendly atmosphere around his current area. Along with such cheer is a cool, mellow demeanor that brings a sense of calm. He's a communal young man, and loves a good chat, talking with anybody who dares to greet him. He can be a dork sometimes, and also can have a hard time keeping his cool in large social gatherings- that of which making him uncomfortable. Although when he's a away from a huge crowd, and with a few buds, he'll take on a more goofy side to entertain and have fun. However, he can be quite clumsy when doing so, which can lead to some hilarious, or not-so-funny accidents. This Pokéman is very truthful, and will take responsibility for his silly mistakes. Overall, he's a good guy who's willing to do what he can to make the world a brighter place, which in fact was his trainer's goal as well.
  • Communal- He is a social nut and will befriend anyone willing to chat with him beyond the usual small talk. Zane is very outgoing, and will randomly walk up to people to say a loud "HAI" to them if he's feeling silly/ hyper enough. He... usually doesn't do the latter, though- only if a friend asks or when they're goofing around a bit too much. Zane is an affectionate derp, and will give a hug to anyone who asks for and doesn't want one. Hugs for everyone, as it is his way of showing his affection! He'll snuggle with his lady friends if they want some warmth or a soft blanket... which he pretty much is in Pokémon form.
  • Goofy- Zane is a dork and loves to make a fool of himself to brighten the atmosphere. Making people and Pokémon smile his his specialty, along with keeping his friends cheerful by staying chipper in their presence, and hates to see them upset. Although, -due to being so cheery- it can be hard for him to keep serious for long periods of time, which can make it hard for friends with a deep relationship with the 'mon when they discuss serious matters with him. He tends to make a witty comment or crack a quick joke occasionally during those serious talks. 
  • Clumsy- Alongside his goofiness, Zane is a stumblebum and tends to crash into things or people when he's being super silly. He tries to keep his fooling mellow while at work to refrain from breaking anything in the café and remain 'professional'. Other than that, let the purposeful wall crashing begin! Even though he's spent a lot of time as a Pokéhuman, he is still not completely used to having hands, and tends to stumble from time to time. It's best to be very mindful when handing him stuff, and be diligent in assuring that he has a firm grasp on the object, otherwise he'll most likely drop or end up juggling it until finally getting a grip on the darn thing.
  • Mellow- Even though he's bounding with silly spirit, he tries to keep his energy on the down-low to refrain from overwhelming people or seem childish. However, if he's got tons of caffeine coursing through him, all that calm goes away. Far, far away. 
  • Truthful- This Zoroark is completely honest with people. He's very mindful of how much truth to tell, knowing that some truths can hurt, but it sometimes flies right over his head and he ends up blabbing without a second thought. Zane is also a little too trusting, and tends to give many second and third chances. He forgives easily as well; if he ends up forgiving/ second chancing someone a lot, he'll begin to lose trust and start questioning their friendship with him.
Mild natured
Nearly impossible to anger
Incapable of holding grudges
Loyal to all he considers a friend. All of them.
Great speed
Great at keeping secrets
Easy to gain trust
Easy to make hyper
An extreme lightweight
A little too forgiving
Sometimes a bit too honest
Wimpy strength
Poor defenses
Extremely loyal to friends, which can be problematic in friend vs. friend conflicts
Easily annoyed by people/Pokémon who ask too many questions too quickly, and in back-to-back succession. Usually the hyper ones (seriously, who isn't?)

Zane was hatched right in the arms of a six year old boy, who quickly became his best friend over the years and eventually... his trainer. The two had a brotherly bond so tight, they could practically read the other's thoughts. Which is so they did as the boy grew up, and came of age to travel across the region of Kalos with Pokémon, the young zorua being close at his side for the adventure. His trainer never gave him a verbal command during battles, as he already knew what the boy thought and executed it swiftly. Over the course of a year, the duo gathered many badges with Zane in the lead. Eventually, they reached the gym in Laverre City, housing a challenging leader with a team formed around the fairy type. The duo boldly dashed through the many twisting, confusing puzzles of the warp tiles and finally reached the gym leader. Bursting with confidence, the young trainer signaled the freshly evolved Zoroark into the battle, only to painfully lose to a single Pokémon, the very first that she sent out. Disheartened a tad, the pair decided train harder, and capture new members for their team. Months later, the team returned to the Laverre Gym, and defeated the leader barely.

Later on in that year, they reached the Pokémon league, but was ultimately defeated by the champion. The young trainer then decided to retire from training for a while, and return to Laverre City to study the Fairy type with his team leisurely accompanying him. Zane shared this interest, and for ten years he and his trainer stayed in Laverre, learning much about the strange fairies. Then one day, a Unovan woman came to stay at their city for a while, and his trainer fell madly in love with her. It didn't take the young man very long to convince her out on a date, and eventually the two became a romantic pair. Although, the woman made him go through many silly tasks to prove his love for her. At first they were harmless, but then she grew a distaste for Zane, as he traveled with his trainer wherever he went. She wanted the man all to herself, so if the Zoroark got just a bit too close to her, she would order her boyfriend to send him outside, and he did so without question. After a while of that, she realized the power she held, and began demanding the man to do several questionable things to Zane, basically making the 'mon her house slave. Mostly, he made 'romantic' dinners for them, which in fact weren't too shabby. Unfortunately, the woman kept finding long, red hairs in her food and eventually got fed up with it. She blackmailed his trainer, saying that if he didn't cut the Zoroark's hair, she would break up with him. He reluctantly did so, apologizing again and again while hacking off Zane's long, glorious mane. Although he was shamed in the act, he forgave his trainer.
Many months later, the two got engaged. About four weeks before the wedding, the Unovan bride-to-be blackmailed her groom once again, this time it was the ultimate demand: either get rid of Zane, or be rid of her. After a long day of thinking, he chose his bride over his life-long companion. That next day, he went to the thick woods of Laverre City, and apologized to his beloved Pokémon several times before tossing his Pokéball into the depths of the trees, and running off in manly tears. The Pokémon was devastated by this, but forgave his trainer once again, knowing his actions were for love. He then picked up his Pokéball, stuffed it in his fur, and meandered the forest in search of a new purpose. 

After a few days of aimless wandering, the starving Zoroark collided with a Meinfoo and collapsed. The kind 'mon then took the hunger dazed Zane to the Pokémon village where he lived at, and had him stay at his place. While he recovered, the Martial Arts Pokémon, who had named himself as Cody, talked to him about the gang he's a member of and an odd device, which he was reminded of by his guest's Illusion ability. He explained it was to bring Pokémon and humans closer together than ever before, being seen as equals at last by them, and his group encouraged the use of that tool greatly. Zane was enthralled by this gadget, and whence he regained his energy, he set off to meet this gang's leader to get one of his own. Soon, he found who he was looking for: a lady FrouFrou who smelt like a casino. Being a bit fuzzy on their ultimate goal, he approached without hesitation to question her on this matter. As the gaudy poodle finished, he quickly became disinterested with her idea of total domination over the humans, leaving her lair with a quick thank you and a hasten dash out the door.
Once again, he was sauntering about the Pokémon Village, gandering at the various homes and curious shops. His icy-blue gaze then spotted a large crowd gathered around a Ursaring, and when he slipped into the mass of 'mons, he heard that she- wait, she? Yes, she was preaching to them about the goodness that humans wield. He found himself nodding in agreement to what she said, he having a deep relationship and experience with them. She ended her speech with an offer to join her gang, which -as the rabble skattered- Zane took up on. 
Upon joining the gang, the she-bear welcomed him warmly with a firm pat on the head. As she finished her welcome routine, Zane asked where he could acquire his own morph-device. With a smirk, she redirected him to a rather shady-looking part of town. He shrugged, and hurriedly set off to obtain his Dittech device... and his new life.

Later on, after mastering the use of the dittech, the Pokéman set off to Lumiose City to have a fresh start, and perhaps make a few friends along the way... And maybe- just maybe- he'll find himself a lady. Well, lets not get our hopes up too high. He has a long way to go...

  • Zane inherited Counter from his father, and ultimately his grandfather, a Lucario.
  • His Illusion-forms are quite fragile, and can be easily broken with a good slap. He sometimes gets lucky, making it take two good slaps to break the illusion.
  • He likes to snack on chesto berries and tends to eat more of them if he's getting tired at work, since the café's coffee tends to be a bit too strong for him.
  • He roasts chesto berries on an open fire during the holiday season.
  • He's very snuggly, and is actually quite nice to cuddle with in Zoroark form due to his soft fur. Just be mindful of his claws!
  • He loves to go rollerskating, even though he totally sucks at it.
  • Zane secretly wants to learn Flamethrower (TM) so he can firebend. He fails to realize that he'd be breathing it instead.
  • His magic/comedy show is his attempt to bring pride to Mama Ursa, leader and mother figure of the gang he is a member of. It is his hope that he can bring joy to people by showing the goodness Pokémon possess... discreetly.
  • In human form, Zane keeps his dittech in his pocket, and in Pokémon form he hides it in his bushy torso fur. He does the same with his Pokéball, which he clings to dearly as it is a symbol to him that his trainer still values their friendship.
  • His former trainer did not marry, however. He finally realized the woman was honestly... a witch, and called it off mid-ceremony. It's rumored that he went to another region, following a tip that a lone, short-maned Zoroark left Kalos to there. According to that same rumor, he is still searching there to this very day.
  • It is believed that his maternal grandfather was a Floatzel. This originates from the shape of his hair.
  • When customers ask about his ears, he replies with a smile and tells them it's a weird genetic mutation. Many tend to awkwardly creep away afterwords and wait on the far-side of the café for their order. However, many do return to the shop due to the coffee and such being delightfully delicious, so regulars become used to his oddity.
  • Zane has worked at the café for almost four years, whereas his Dittech has only been in his possession a few months more. He got the job by owing a favor to the manager after accidentally breaking one of the shop's glass doors when tripped by a mischievous individual. Although it's been replaced for years, he's seemingly still paying it off... at least, that's what he thinks.
  • :new: He got that small scar on his left brow from the Laverre City gym's Sylveon. He's had a fear the size of that scar of Fairy-types ever since, hence another reason why he moved to Lumiose City.
  • It's perfectly OK to call Zane a Dorkémon. He's dorktastic!

-Zane is not related in any way to Isabelle DeVoure-

  • Extras will be updated on occasion when I come up with new tidbits to add

  • This will be regularly updated regarding his encounters with other members

  • Zane is open for Role-Playing if accepted. Sorry, but RPing with Zane is for members of PMA only! You peeps can say hi to him, though!


-None currently


-None currently

~Foes/ rivals~

-None currently
Current friend status: :iconforeveraloneplz:

-User Info-

Time Zone: 
Pacific Time Zone- USA. And no, I do not live in California. -u-

Chat Availability: 
Monday evenings: 4 pm to 2 am- no later.
Tuesdays: My on-campus day (in class: 12 pm-4 pm; not available); 6 pm to 2 am-3 am.
The rest of the week: Usually around 4 pm to about 3:30-4:00 am; occasionally 4:30 am. Yes, I'm a night owl. Or should I say... Noctowl?
Weekends: Pretty much all day, starting around 12 pm to 3:00 am.
Late-nighter, late riser. That's mah creed.

Notes are the best way to RP with me! <3
Skype RPing is currently closed, since I can only use it on my phone which is a big problem when writing RP logs.
Comment RPs are okay, but it's easy for me to lose track.
Chat RPs are fine- just let me know when you're in there, and I'll drop by if I have the time.

I write in storybook/ paragraph form. However, I can do any style you wish, as it is no problem to me.

Role-Play Example: 
~This is a snippet of a thing I'm currently writing. Enjoy!~

"I dunno," Asoné looked down at the grass, gripping the blades in anxiety, "It's just a feeling I have."
"I understand. It's very normal for you to feel that. However, I can assure you, she is safe and unharmed."
"How do you know?" His barriers were beginning to rise once again.
"I honestly cannot explain it," the shadow being shrugged marginally. "I suppose you could call it 'a feeling I have' as well."
The hedgehog scoffed, and laid back again to return to his stargazing, thinking deeply about Blaze and Oswald. As he closed his eyes, a single tear escaped them, running down the side of his blue face to catch a beam of light from the fire. The orange jewel then leapt from the tip of his furry cheek to shatter on the cold, grassy floor.
Taking heed to his comrade's pain, Ray attempted to console him, "We'll find them. More likely- they'll find us, they having the ship and all." He paused a moment to inhale, then exhale deeply. "I feel that they may be closer than we realize." He looked upon the dark sky, focused on the silhouette of a nearby planet.
"Very close."

... and that is all.

Boy was this fella's human form hard to draw! I erased him three times, and ditched three entire colored designs before I got it down decently, and even when I was linearting him I did a few tweaks! I may continue modifying him for a while, and when/if I have his FINAL design down, I'll update this app. Now that I think about it, Zane is kinda like a male version of my Original character, Blaze. He's just more clumsy, less clammed-up, and lets not forget about that fiery attitude! (What I mean by the latter is that he lacks her "fiery attitude". He's got spunk, but not like her's.)
Merf, I'm much more proficient in drawing Pokémon than hoomanz. Please forgive my horrid human design. ;A;


For once, I actually got an app done early on. XD For those of you who don't know, this group is called %Pokemon-Amie- where Pokémon use an item called dittech to shapeshift into humans and back again freely. Some live double lives as both Pokémon and Pokéhumans- as they are called- and others solely as Pokémon, disliking the tech completely. Interested in learning more? Check out the group! They are currently under construction, but as far as I know, they will be opening soon. Go on, don't be shy- take a look!
Post BelowPost BelowPost BelowPost BelowPost BelowPost BelowPost Below
Post AbovePost AbovePost AbovePost AbovePost AbovePost AbovePost Above

I also worked on both the app and this description/ bio for three whole frikin' days straight. I skipped yesterday AND today's homework to finish this, thinking it'd be done in a flash, but NOPE. You are most certainly welcome for the effort, by the way. <3

Well, that's all for now! Onward to the credits!

Zane belongs to and is copyright of me.
All Pokémon and their respective games are copyright of GAME FREAK/ Nintendo.
Pokemon-Amie the group is copyright of those in charge here: %Pokemon-Amie.
The art belongs to me.
You cannot use nor abuse my art/ characters in any way nor form. You may not use this artwork at all, as it is for Pokemon-Amie only.
All rights reserved.
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Indeed. And yes, that was the word I had in mind, but I wanted to keep this description, ahem, kid friendly? XD Oh yes, the poor boy is looking very hard for his lost friend. Right now he's scouring the Johto region.
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