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Bottle- Red Potion by BlazingStarO Bottle- Red Potion by BlazingStarO

Free to use!

You can throw this in bios or whatever you desire to organize your stuff with style! Oh look, you can stuff 'em in these.


1. --Please do not spam people with these bullets. I've been getting a lot of mention messages lately with people emote spamming others and including my bullets in them. This is for organization and stylization purposes, not for you to spam someone, ergo me with.
2. --Do not repost these anywhere without my written permission. Violators will face my wrath, and you do not want that.

The latest addition to my TLoZ collection! Bottles everywhere!
   Potions are red, they can be blue too. Are you sure this is the potion for you?  The ol' red potion! Known for restoring a fair eight hearts, this crimson liquid is handy to any adventurer who's just started out on their journey. However, it eventually becomes a tad obsolete when you've got a significant amount of hearts above eight. Afterwords, it may be time to upgrade that potion, as you can in TLoZ: Skyward Sword. After a good mixing up, it becomes one of the best potions you can have on hand!


**Please note that Premium members are able to use this in comments**

Pixel art © Me | Tessa Wind Comics
The Legend of Zelda and their items © Nintendo
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